I just filled out my 5th bracket, I think that’s enough.

So LeBron James is getting his own damn limited edition Sprite.

that worked out well…

Big NFL offseason moves so far:

  • Darrelle Revis signs with the Pats on a 1yr/$12M deal
  • Super Bowl champ Golden Tate goes to the Lions for 5yr/$31M
  • former Bears backup QB Josh McCown heads to the Bucs for 2yr/$10M
  • DeMarcus Ware is going to the Broncosfor 3yr/$30
  • FS Jarius Byrd goes to the Saints on a 6 year deal for $54-$60M, not really sure about the financial details
  • TJ Ward to the Broncos for 4yr/$23M
  • Karlos Dansby is set to become a Brown for 4yr/$24M
  •  CB Aquib Talib also heads to the Broncos for 6yr/$57M

again these are just what I consider the big moves, there have been 60+ signings, re-signings, and trades


Dwight Howard shows off his passing skills by finding a wide-open teammate behind the arc. Unfortunately, that teammate was Ömer Aşık, who is a career 0% three-pointer shooter… Also, Aşık wasn’t even in the game, which explains why he was so far behind the arc as to be considered out of bounds.
Detroit Lions owner, William Clay Ford Sr. dies at the age of 88. RIP

this is historic and revolutionary